Multicultural film production company


Simon Bright (Producer)

Simon Bright’s is currently working on developing the interactive series Great Trading Empires of Africa. Simon has a master’s degree in development communication, and began by making and distributing training videos for small scale farmers through the Zimbabwe Government’s Department of agricultural extension. Today he has a worldwide reputation for work which foregrounds an African Renaissance. His keen interest lies in celebrating the diversity of African culture, with films like Mbira Music – Spirit of the People, featuring performances by many of Zimbabwe’s finest traditional and contemporary musicians, Tides of Gold which rediscovers the glories of the region’s pre-historic trading past, and Mama Africa, the highly successful series of six short fictions written and directed by six women directors from different countries in Africa. He also directed and co-produced Robert Mugabe… What Happened? This film has been widely screened from Tokyo to New York and from Cape Town to Berlin. Simon and Ingrid founded the Afrika Eye film Festival which takes place annually in Bristol. He also co-founded the Tano African Film Festivals of the United Kingdom Association.

Ingrid Sinclair (Director)

Director Ingrid Sinclair has won prizes all over the world, Her work demands both understanding and recognition for what really happens beyond the myth. Flame, her first feature, tackled the unacknowledged role of women in Zimbabwe’s Liberation War and received standing ovations and awards worldwide. She now works in both fiction and documentary, turning her lens on the small details of daily life to uncover the links to the larger world outside. Her programmes breathe the warmth of emotion and passion into icons and taboos that have become fixed and untouchable. Her short fiction, Riches, was selected for international festivals world-wide and won the coveted City of Venice prize. Ingrid also directed the award-winning documentary Biopiracy: Who Owns Life?, several dance films including Dance Got Me, a moving biography of choreographer Bawren Tavaziva, and festival favourite Africa is a Woman’s Name.



Zimmedia is an award winning film company that produces fiction and documentary films on a wide range of subjects through arts and culture to politics and human rights. We produce and direct films for international television and cinema audiences, as well as NGO and corporate clients. Founded in Zimbabwe, we are now based in South Africa and the UK.